Enhancing the Genealogical Search: A Deep Dive into MyHeritage ‘Smart Matches™’ Technology


Enhancing family trees and unearthing historical pieces of relevant family information are significant aspects of genealogical research. MyHeritage’s Smart Matches technology brings a sophisticated advantage for users, doing commendable work in connecting members who share common ancestors. This article explores the intricate details of the Smart Matches function to heightify your awareness on the potential that lies within it.

Understanding MyHeritage’s Smart Matches™ Technology

Backed by an extensive database of over 52 million family trees, Smart Matches™ technology works with an impressive system rooting through records, stats, and other users monitoring the same ancestral lines. The automated system highlights similarities and potential points of interest, connecting you to a vast array of previously unacquainted relatives. The Smart Matches™ are essentially bridges connecting different families by detecting shared relatives on family trees created by MyHeritage users.

Unlocking the Utility of Smart Matches™

Grasping the utility of Smart Matches™ is inherent in leveraging the technology effectively. Primarily, Smart Matches™ broaden your perspective by sharing additional information about your ancestors, helping piece together small forgotten aspects of your family’s history. Moreover, Smart Matches™ surround vital pieces of the puzzle, enhancing your genealogical research substantially.

Soaking in the Benefits of Smart Matches™

One salient feature about the MyHeritage’s Smart Matches™ technology is that it opens the door to collaborative genealogy. The technology connects people who might be working on the same family lines, encouraging mutual cooperation, and sharing of valuable genealogical information. This undeniably makes Smart Matches™ a forte in the sphere of genealogy.

Making the Most of MyHeritage’s Smart Matches™ technology

Explore the precious ancestral connections courtesy of Smart Matches™, be willing to shortlist potential matches to confirm and then integrate into your family tree. It’s equally important to reach out to your match to generate a consensual understanding before adding any new persons to avoid conflicts that may arise due to potential inaccuracies.

Embracing the Collaborative Spirit

Smart Matches™ kindles the collaborative spirit inherent in every genealogist. MyHeritage users have the opportunity to connect with millions of like-minded individuals pursuing the same objectives of unlocking their ancestral identities. The concept of connectivity is the heart of this technology, with users sharing information and resources collectively to ensure a more complete and accurate family tree.

Respecting Privacy and Data Security

In the realm of Smart Matches™ it’s worth acknowledging that MyHeritage is deeply committed to data privacy and security. Only confirmed matches are shared between users. Your family tree’s private data is only visible once you grant explicit permission to the other MyHeritage user, thus ensuring full control over your privacy and data security.

Smart Matches™: A Worthy Ally in Genealogy

Encapsulating the traits of collaborative genealogy, extensive research, data accuracy, and secure access, MyHeritage’s Smart Matches™ technology presents itself as an ally in the journey of genealogical research. It offers potential to bridge connections across the world, contribute to the completion of family trees, and share the gratification that stems from a common ancestry.

Stepping Forward with Smart Matches™

As we step into the era where technology and genealogical research intertwine, harnessing the power of Smart Matches™ becomes non-negotiable. Its potential to exponentially enhance the genealogical quest presents a promising future where ancestors no more remain mere names in the annals of history; instead, they become colorful, multi-faceted individuals whose stories come alive through the connections we make.

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