5 Essential Steps to Implementing Parental Controls for Snapchat on iPhone

Parental Controls for Snapchat on iPhone: A Comprehensive Guide

The surge in popularity of Snapchat, a leading social media platform, has raised alarm bells for parents. The app’s ephemeral nature, in which messages disappear after viewing, poses a significant challenge in supervising children’s interactions. This article presents a detailed guide to implementing parental controls for Snapchat on iPhone.

Grasping Snapchat’s Allure

To monitor your child’s Snapchat usage effectively, it’s vital to grasp its allure. Snapchat enables users to transmit images and videos that self-erase after a certain duration. The platform also features various filters, lenses, and stickers, enhancing its appeal to younger users.

Identifying the Risks of Using Snapchat

Snapchat might be a fun way to communicate, but it’s not without potential risks. These include cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, and possible breaches of privacy. Hence, implementing parental controls for Snapchat on iPhone is crucial.

Parental Controls for Snapchat on iPhone

Establishing iPhone Parental Controls

Your first line of defense is to establish parental controls on your child’s iPhone. Navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Screen Time’ > ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’. Here, you can limit explicit content, purchases, downloads, privacy, allowed apps, and other settings.

Leveraging Built-in Snapchat Controls

Snapchat comes with built-in controls that let you manage who can send snaps or stories to your child, view their location, and contact them.

  1. Privacy Settings: Navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Who Can…’ Here you can control ‘Contact Me’, ‘View My Story’, ‘See My Location’, and ‘See Me in Quick Add’.

  2. Safety Features: Snapchat also offers safety features like ‘Report a Safety Concern’, ‘Block’, and ‘Delete’.

Utilizing Third-Party Parental Control Apps

Besides the built-in controls, third-party parental control apps can provide an added layer of security. These apps enable parents to monitor their child’s online activity more closely. One notable application is Bark, which monitors text messages, emails, and over 30 social networks for potential safety concerns.

  1. Bark: Monitors text messages, emails, and over 30 different social networks for potential safety concerns.

  2. Norton Family: Offers insights into your child’s online activities and aids in teaching them good internet habits.

  3. Net Nanny: Shields your child from online threats and provides visibility into their online activity.

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Encouraging Open Dialogue

Despite having these controls, it’s essential to foster open discussions with your child about their online actions. Talk about the potential dangers of sharing personal information online and urge them to report any unsettling encounters they experience.


While Snapchat provides a fun platform for children to connect with friends, it also poses potential threats. Nevertheless, with effective implementation of parental controls for Snapchat on iPhone, you can guarantee your child’s online safety.

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