Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Unisex Horse Names


There’s an undeniable bond that develops when you welcome a horse into your life. Naming your horse is a critical initial step in forming this bond, and nothing could be more significant than selecting a name that encapsulates the horse’s essence and personality. This guide provides an extensive exploration into unisex horse names, diving into diverse selections suitable for your horse irrespective of its gender.

Understanding the Importance of Horse Names

The task of naming a horse extends beyond just verbal identification. A name serves as a symbolic representation capturing the essential characteristics and persona of the horse. Unisex horse names are even more notable, blending agility with grace and charm.

Character Driven Unisex Horse Names

When deriving a name from a horse’s character, look out for unique traits inherent in their behavior. Does your horse gallop with an unusual flair, or does it possess a commanding presence? Here are some character-driven unisex horse names you can consider.

  1. Majesty – For a horse that carries a royal demeanor.
  2. Whirlwind – If your horse exhibits swift and vigorous movements.
  3. Chaser – A fitting name for a horse that loves to doggedly follow something.
  4. Dreamer – Inspired by a horse with a calm and serene disposition.

Unisex Horse Names Inspired by Mythology

Mythological stories and folklore are fertile grounds to draw inspiration for unisex horse names, particularly for breeds that exude mystique and enchantment.

  1. Pegasus – Named after the famous winged horse of Greek mythology.
  2. Bayard – A name borrowed from the magic horse of French and Italian folklore.
  3. Griffin – An unusual name derived from Greek mythology known to have the body of a horse and the head of an eagle.

Color-based Unisex Horse Names

Color is an evident feature of the horse’s appearance. Meld your horse’s natural tones with these color-based unisex horse names.

  1. Ebony – A stylish name for horses with a black or dark brown sheen.
  2. Ivory – A captivating name for white-coated horses.
  3. Shades – An eccentric play on a horse’s blend of color.

Celebrity-Inspired Unisex Horse Names

A list of unisex horse names is incomplete without a nod to celebrity horse names that have gained popularity over time, transcending borders and cultures.

  1. Trigger – Named after the golden stallion that belonged to cowboy Roy Rogers.
  2. Silver – The famous horse ridden by the Lone Ranger in the classic TV series.
  3. Seabiscuit – In honor of the legendary racehorse that featured in many motion pictures.

Geographical Marker Inspired Unisex Horse Names

Worldwide locales can be an unexpected yet fascinating source for unisex horse names. These culturally rich names imbibe the essence of the locations they’re drawn from, bridging the gap between geography and the equine world.

  1. Savannah – An exotic unisex horse name for any genuine nature lover.
  2. Ridge – A simple yet charming name for horses, inspired by geographical formations.
  3. Meadow – An apt name to capture the horse’s love for sprawling grassy landscapes.


Selecting a unisex horse name requires careful thought as the name will stay with the horse for its lifetime. The guides above surely provide you with a variety of choices. Remember, choosing a name is personal and there are no rules set in stone. It’s about capturing your horse’s personality, appearance, or connection to something meaningful. Taking the time to name your horse is the first start in a beautiful journey that you both will embark upon.

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